Dialogue for growth

Social dialogue can be defined as a permanent and evolving process of consultation, negotiation or simply an exchange of information between representatives of governments, employers, and employees, on issues of common interest related to economic and social policy.

What brings us together

Companies are creators of opportunities.

They hire people, train them and give them the chance to grow.

Companies are game changers.

They innovate and develop products that make our lives easier.

Companies are enablers of education and health.

They contribute with hundreds of billions of lei in financing the public systems.

Companies are builders.

They develop the infrastructure that brings us water, energy and internet, they move people and goods.

About us

Concordia Employers’ Confederation represents 16 of the most important sectors in the national economy and companies with more than 330,000 employees, which have a total contribution of 26% to GDP.

Concordia is  the only Romanian organization member of BusinessEurope and the International Organization of Employers and Business at OECD (BIAC).

As a representative social dialogue partner, our interests span across a large area of subjects such as the labour market and social dialogue, education, digitalization, consumers’ protection, future of transport, EU funds and circular economy.

Our Mission

We represent the business environment with a legitimate voice, home and abroad. We bring companies and authorities together. We create dialogue between employees and employers. We put the future on the agenda. We grow together. 

At Concordia we
  • bring together business leaders hungry for change, enabling them to think big, share best practice and challenge the status quo
  • empower business with intelligence to make informed decisions
  • build regional and national social dialogue and contribute to policy making at all levels
  • bring business and government together and lead the discussions with the European social dialog partners on the hottest topics